Classic Meatloaf with Fig Balsamic Sauce

- March 30, 2015 -

Okay, so the word “meat” paired with “loaf” has always weirded me out. It’s similar to “meat” with “pie” and I always think of Sweeney Todd when that comes around. I try not to get too hung up on what these dishes are called because it would be completely absurd to miss out on a perfect meal because I can’t look past its name and I hope that no one these days would get away with murder long enough to process the corpse and serve me a human meat pie.

Anyway, Meat loaf. What a brilliant concept! Mindlessly throw ingredients into a bowl. Mix. Bake. Serve. It's so easy and the best part, the dish aftermath is limited. You may like to cook, but no one can tell me they like to do the dishes! I've been told by a few that they enjoy it because the warm water on their hands and staring out of a window is therapeutic. I think they have mustered a pleasant idea to mask the fact they are doing an unpleasant chore they loath. 

I'll regress to the meatloaf again..

We enjoy this hearty meal in America, but where did meat loaf really come from? According to Wikipedia, meatloaf has European origins; meatloaf of minced meat was mentioned in the famous Roman cookery collection Apicius, a collection of Roman cookery recipes, as early as the 5th century. Meatloaf is a traditional German and Belgian dish, and it is a cousin to the Dutch meatball. American meatloaf has its origins in scrapple, a mixture of ground pork and cornmeal served by German-Americans in Pennsylvania since Colonial times. However, meatloaf in the contemporary American sense did not appear in cookbooks until the late 19th century.

Here is a recipe using Dove Olive Oil Fig Balsamic. This is just a basic recipe so don’t be afraid of adding your own twist, flavors, and love to it. Dove’s manager has even made “garbage can meatloaf” in which she used various leftovers that she needed to get rid of such as leftover couscous.


 Makes 1 loaf of meat!






**Make a second serving of sauce and serve hot to drizzle over your finished meatloaf. **

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